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Profitus news Interview with Denny from re:think P2P

2023-05-22 12:00:00


Interview with Denny from re:think P2P

We constantly communicate with content creators and reviewers who analyze and compare crowdfunding platforms and help investors not only avoid scams and opaque platforms but also choose platforms that are best rated and offer the best conditions. One such reviewer is Denny, who owns re:think P2P. We invite you to get to know Denny and his activities.

Why do you do this activity? What motivate you to do this?

In 2018 I came to understand that financial education is the core pillar for living a more independent life. At this point, I have been investing in various asset classes already, benefiting from the knowledge and experiences of many other bloggers. 

To contribute something myself, I researched more in-depth about various P2P platforms and the industry as a whole, since I felt there have been insufficient and partly misleading information surrounding this asset-class. That’s how my blog rethink-p2p.de was born at the end of 2018.

Tell us briefly about re:think P2P, what makes it unique and what can investors find in it?

Re:think P2P is all about educating investors about risks and chances when investing into P2P, so they can make better investment decisions. To achieve this, I try to dig as deep as possible in researching different platforms, writing reviews, comparing platforms with each other, while also observing overall market trends and developments.

Tell us a little about yourself. What is your experience with investing?

I was always interested in money management ever since I started to earn my own salary. That was back in 2013 after I graduated from university. Since then, I always try to be open when it comes to new investment vehicles, but I need to have a general understanding about it. Otherwise, I keep my hands off. That’s why my investment portfolio consists of only three main pillars: Real Estate, ETFs and P2P.

Check out the Profitus review written by Denny here: https://rethink-p2p.de/en/profitus-review/