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* The investment calculator is preliminary, designed to estimate possible loan interest and fees, but does not estimate possible risks.

This investment calculator will let you know how much you need to invest to earn the amount of money you want. By changing the invested amount, annual return, and term, you will be able to find the most suitable strategy for you. Using this investment calculator, you will also be able to find out the preliminary return on investment and how much interest you will receive from your investment.

How to start investing?


Set an investment goal

Investing should start with a clear and specific goal for which you want to invest and employ your finances. The goals can be various - own home, car, travel or dignified old age, it is important that it motivates you to invest.


Create an account

There are various investment instruments and each of them can contribute to your investment recruitment in one way or another. One of these instruments is crowdfunding platforms. In order to start recruiting your funds on the Profitus platform - create your investor account, specify your contacts and familiarize yourself with the rules of use and confirm your identity. You can start investing from just 100 euros.


Choose an investment strategy

Each investor may have a different investment strategy, as it depends on the risk tolerance, the goal, and the period for which one wants to invest. Creating your strategy can be helped by an investment calculator, where you can not only estimate the return on investment but at the same time find out how much you will need to have for investment to receive the required amount of interest to achieve the set goal. The investment calculator will also let you know how much interest you will earn per month and you will know for which period you have to plan your investments. This investment calculator can also help you find out which projects you should invest in to reach your goal because it allows you to set the desired annual interest rate and see how much you will earn at the end of the period, so when you change the investment duration, you will know how much interest you have to receive to reach your goal on time



After creating an account, there is only one step left before investing - choosing a project for which you will allocate your investments. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with active projects by reading the project description, and risks and assessing your risk tolerance. We also point out that in many cases it is possible to earn a different amount of annual interest, as it depends on the amount invested in the project.


Reinvest and earn more

You will receive interest on your investments once a quarter, and at the end of the investment period, you will also return the entire amount. You will be able to transfer the interest and the initial investment and use it for your own needs, or invest again and earn even more because, by reinvesting the returned interest, you will already be able to invest a larger amount of money.

12,14 %

Frequently asked questions

What is the most common return on investment?

The return on investment depends on the size of the investment, since investing a larger amount on the platform results in higher interest rate. Usually higher interest is obtained by investing 500 euros or more, but this amount can be verified by opening the description of each project. Various projects with interest rates ranging from 7% to 14% are published on the platform. And the average annual return reaches more than 10%.

How do the returns on investment differ for different investment types?

Usually, the returns do not differ between different types of investment, because the interest of the project depends on other factors, such as the risk rating of the project, the duration of the project, and so on.

How is the return on investment calculated?

The return on investment is calculated by taking into account the fixed annual interest of the project, the duration of the investment, and the size of the investment since investing a larger amount of money on the platform can result in higher annual interest. You can find out the preliminary, and future interest in the investment calculator, or before investing in the chosen project.

Does the investment calculator calculate additional fees?

The investment calculator does not calculate additional fees, because there are no additional, administrative fees on the Profitus platform.