Loans for business

PROFITUS provides your business with fast and efficient business financing just a few days after submitting the application. We also offer flexible repayment schedules and terms, as well as a simple and fast application process, and you can find out more specific terms of your loan in the business loan calculator.

Loan Calculator






3 month36 month

I will pay for the platform


I will pay interest on the loan amount


I will get totally if I borrow for the mediation fee


I will get totally if I pay the mediation fee from my own funds



* The calculator is preliminary, designed to estimate possible loan interest and fees, but does not estimate possible risks.

This business loan calculator allows you to find out the main terms of a business loan: how much interest you will pay, and how much you will receive in total. You only need to indicate the amount of the required business loan, the interest rate, and the loan term.

How to get a business loan?

Estimated loan period


3 month36 month

The official value specified by the appraiser or the estimated appraisal value, in the case of acquisition - the purchase price.

Basic conditions for obtaining a business loan

  • Business loans are also provided to small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Annual business loan interest from 5%.
  • We provide financing up to 5,000,000 euros.

Fast and efficient financing for business

  • Easy and fast business loan application process, no worries and bureaucracy
  • Staged business financing (effective use of funds when financing projects in stages).
  • Partial interest reimbursement is available, so you can get back up to 40% of the actual business loan interest paid, but no more than 5% of the annual interest.

What is a business loan used for?

A business loan is used to raise capital for day-to-day business expenses and operations, for business development, to purchase equipment or goods, or to cover existing liabilities, such as taxes. A business loan can also be used to refinance a project.


Loan types


Real estate development projects

The loan for real estate development is intended for real estate development projects such as land acquisition, construction of new or existing buildings, renovation of existing buildings, or infrastructure works.


Business loans secured by real estate

A business loan is used to raise capital for day-to-day business expenses and operations, business development, equipment, to purchase goods, or to cover existing liabilities such as taxes, as well as business development loans. A business loan can also be used to refinance a project, so Profitus provides wide opportunities for business financing.


Real estate rental projects

Funding raised in real estate rental projects is allocated to the purchase, development or reconstruction of real estate with the purpose of renting out the premises. Income is constantly generated from the rent, which covers the costs of the business loan - interest is paid to investors.


Bridge loan

A short-term business loan that provides the necessary capital to continue a real estate project until the required completion of the project is reached, contracts are signed, and long-term financing is obtained from a traditional credit institution

Borrowing services

Application administration and evaluation

0 - 1%

Contract conclusion fee (one-off)

Calculated from the collected amount, deducted from the paid amount.

2 - 5 % (but not less than EUR 1 300)

The fee is calculated based on the term of the Loan Agreement for the entire loan period (regardless of whether the loan is repaid early), which must be paid in full at once and deducted from the disbursed amount. If the loan is not repaid on time, this fee is calculated until the final repayment of the loan.

Contract administration fee (monthly)

The minimum total amount of the Contract conclusion and Contract administration fee is not less than EUR 1,300.

0,1 - 0,2 % (but not less than EUR 1 300)

The minimum total amount of the Contract conclusion and Contract administration fee is not less than EUR 1,300.

Project upload and advertising fee

250 - 2500 Eur

Mortgage administration (one-off) (simple transaction, no more than 5 property units / more than 5 property units or non-standard transaction (foreclosure adapted to the property, etc.))

350 - 1 500 Eur

Uploading a new project phase to the platform

100 - 500 Eur

Contract termination fee in case of refusal of financing

It is paid in cases where the Project Owner has signed the Credit Offer, but refuses financing or does not fulfill the conditions specified in the contract (e.g. refuses/no longer pledges real estate).

3 months' interest on the financed amount, as well as Contract conclusion and Contract administration fees

Contract prolongation fee

5 % of the amount for which the repayment deadline is extended

Property insurance coordination service

100 Eur

Granting permission to sell, remortgage property, refinance (for each document prepared within 5 days)

150 EUR

Issuance of urgent permission to sell, re-mortgage property (for each document, prepared within 2 days)

300 Eur

Permission for the borrower to deregister part/all of the mortgage (for each document, prepared within 5 days)

0 Eur

Urgent permission for the borrower to deregister part/all of the mortgage (for each document, prepared within 2 days)

150 EUR

Deregistration of a mortgage (within five business days).

150 EUR

Urgent mortgage deregistration (within two business days).

300 Eur

Changing the mortgage transaction when the transaction is signed outside of Vilnius

150 EUR

Issuance of other permits - for design, establishment of servitude, dismemberment, etc. (for each document prepared within 5 days)

150 Eur

Loan repayment is due within 7 days before the loan term ends.

0 Eur

Early repayment of the loan or its part

0 - 2 %

Debt administration fee

A one-time fee applied to the credit recipient in the event of a delay in transferring payments related to the repayment of the Loan (Interest, Loan amount, its part, etc.). In the case of a staged project, the fee is applied to each loan schedule (stage) separately.

100 Eur

Increased interest in case of a significant breach of the loan agreement

It is applied in case of default under the loan agreement. The project owner pays the tax to the Investor (the Investor pays a 10% to Profitus for the administration of a loan that is in late).

+15% per annum on top of the weighted interest rate

Increased interest in case of a minor breach of the loan agreement

+3% of the annual interest on top of the weighted interest, but not less than Eur 30 per day

Debt recovery fee

It is applied when the loan agreement is terminated and the recovery process is started (applying to a notary).

5% of the recoverable amount

Asset realization fee

It is applied when Profitus realizes or assists in the realization of recovered assets, calculated from the asset's realization price.

10% of the sale price of the property

Sending notices about non-fulfilment of obligations under the contract by post

10 Eur

Sending documents by post

10 Eur

Sending documents by courier

10 Eur

Frequently asked questions

1. Who can apply for a business loan and how does it work?

Financing is only available to legal entities with a real estate mortgage. Please submit an enquiry and we will contact you to discuss your loan financing options.

2. What documents do I need to apply for a loan?

To apply for a loan, please fill in a short application form. After submitting the application, we ask you to submit the company's financial statements for the past two years, a business plan, photographs of the director's and shareholders' personal documents, an appraisal report on the property or, if there is no appraisal report, photographs of the property and a description of the property.

3. What fees are applied to the borrower?

For full details on fees, see "Fees".

4. Can I repay the loan prematurely?

You can also repay the loan earlier, according to the terms of the loan agreement. Borrow responsibly and think through all possible scenarios before signing the contract.

5. How is the money paid to the project owner?

As financial partners, we collect the funds, sign a loan agreement with the project owner, execute the mortgage and, after the mortgage has been registered, disburse the money to an account specified by the project developer.

6. Why should I choose Profitus as a financial partner?

You get your money within days of signing the loan agreement;
We can share useful contacts with you that may help you during the development of your project;
We will advise you on how to make the project profitable;
The platform does not apply EURIBOR to loans;
The platform allows you to finance your project in stages;
We provide loans up to EUR 5 million;
We do not consider project developers as debtors, but as partners with whom we always look for solutions in a benevolent way;
Financing is provided several times faster than in traditional lending institutions.

7. How fast does it take to get the funding for business?

If we get all the information we need from the developer in time, we can expect a financing decision within a week of submitting a financing request.

8. Is this loan suitable for building a business?

Legal entities can get a loan for business creation on the Profitus platform. The most important condition for obtaining a loan is real estate collateral, which would secure the loan. We can finance up to 5,000,000 euros for your business.

9. How do I top up my wallet and withdraw money from my account?

Here are the instructions for topping up your wallet and withdrawing money.

10. How to add a company on the Profitus platform?

To register as a project owner (business account), you must first register as a natural person. When registering, please be sure to provide your correct personal details (name, surname, ID number). Once you have registered, you will need to confirm your identity and your Profitus wallet will be activated.

Once you've done all these steps, you'll be able to add your company account. The Profitus memo will help you to do it.