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Profitus news Bonus code

2023-12-12 11:00:00


Bonus code

When investing €1 000 or more in the project, an additional +0.5% investment bonus will be granted.* 

*An additional bonus of up to 0.5% is provided together with the project's annual interest, which cannot exceed €100 per project. If the bonus amount is greater than €100 - after reaching this amount, the additional percentage of the bonus will no longer be granted.  

To use the bonus code you need: 

  • Select the project you want to invest in and press invest; 

  • Choose an amount that is €1,000 or more, and in the field "Have a bonus code?" Enter the code: GOODMOVE1000 and after agreeing to the terms, click invest. 

Rules for using the gift coupon code: 

  • The bonus code cannot be combined with other bonus codes; 

  • After using this code, the investment cannot be sold on the secondary market or transferred to another person; 

  • The bonus code can be used until December 23, 2023.

The bonus will be visible in the account with active investments, accessible through the section of the referral program - the button "My active bonuses". 

Happy investing!