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Profitus news Why do women invest less often?

2021-06-07 09:30:00


Why do women invest less often?

According to Profitus data, three times more men (75%) than women (25%) invest in real estate. Although women and men are equally interested in investing, when it comes to making an investment decision, the percentage of men increases.

On May 21 we invited women, financial experts, to talk about investing. Participants of the discussion:

Gintė Leksienė | CEO of M CAPITAL
Gintė has accumulated many years of experience in management, working with people and training them, and runs the company "M Capital".
Victoria Hawk | PROFIT CEO
Entrepreneur, chairman, and founder of the crowdfunding platform "Profitus" and fund management company "Victory Funds".
Lecturer of seminars on topics of personal financial management, entrepreneur, mother, and woman.
The moderator of the discussion is Jurga Varanaviče, founder of the women's leadership academy Go Forward Academy. Six years ago, journalist and PR specialist Jurga Varanaviče invited active women to the women's leadership project Go Forward.

You can view the recording of the discussion here.

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