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Profitus news Overview of Profitus results for 2022

2023-01-02 11:30:00


Overview of Profitus results for 2022

The year 2022 was not only impressive but also a record year for the crowdfunding platform and the entire Profitus investor community! So we want to share and celebrate what we managed to achieve together!

This year, we jointly financed the sum of 43.7 million euros! At the moment, we have already raised more than 90 million euros together! And during the entire period of activity, our investors earned more than 4.47 million euros!

We are happy with the activity of our investors and successfully implemented projects!

In 2022, together:

  1. We financed 373 projects;
  2. Together we mobilized 43.7 million. euros;
  3. We paid out 2 million EUR in interest;
  4. We financed 113 different real estate developers on the platform;
  5. Compared to 2021 the average LTV of projects decreased by 3%;
  6. The average invested amount is 684 euros.
  7. We successfully returned 32.4 mln. investments;
  8. Profit-financed projects are located in 2 countries;
  9. The Profitus team was strengthened by 10 superheroes;
  10. We financed 373 projects on the platform, of which: 34 units. A rating project, 184 units. B rating projects, 147 units. C-rated projects and 9 pcs. D-rated projects;

2022 records:

  • Together with Profitus investors, we managed to reach the record of the financed amount per month! We financed more than 5 million euros in a month!
  • Compared to 2021 The community of Profitus investors has grown by as much as 30%!
  • In 2022, we were mentioned 101 times in the media!

Profits educate

  • During 2022, we organized as many as 9 investor community events, during which we talked about investing, real estate, and other important topics, with the aim of educating Profitus investors. You can view these events here:
  • We organized even 4 open conversations with investors and experts in our fields. These talks are intended for anyone interested in investing, managing personal finances, and real estate.
  • In 2022, we organized as many as 10 free educational presentations in Lithuanian schools. We visited Vilnius, Panevėžys, and Kaunas schools! We will continue these presentations this year as well.


We believe that 2023 will be even better than last year! We are glad that you are part of the Profitus investor community!

Successful investment!