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Profitus news New records in May

2022-06-10 10:00:00


New records in May

We want to celebrate the encouraging results of May with you.

Together, we raised a record amount of 5 million euros.

5 million euros were collected for our carefully selected 34 real estate projects in May. And investors earned 110,398 euros from interest.

Talks about money started.

This is a new podcast moderated by Viktorijas Čijunskytė, the founder of Profitus. In the first show, financially independent women shared their experiences, how they achieved financial independence, how they started investing, and shared various tips.

A recording of the show can be found here.

We won the first PROFITUS company award!

We won the "Fastest Growing Real Estate Investment Platform, Lithuania" award in the Global Brands Magazine awards. We were evaluated for exceptional dedication to our activities, based on the criteria of innovation promotion, service quality assurance, active brand activity, and customer trust.

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