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Profitus news Automatic investment functionality has started

2021-05-27 09:00:00


Automatic investment functionality has started

From now on, investors can also invest in real estate projects automatically on the Profitus platform. Automatic investment – functionality that enables the investor to select criteria in advance and automatically invest his funds in all business loans submitted for investment on the Profitus platform that meet the selected criteria. The criteria are determined by the user himself, choosing the most acceptable basic project conditions.

Why is it good for investors to use automated investing?

The main advantages of investing in a car: are convenience and speed. As the investor community grows, this functionality ensures that you will be able to invest in all projects that meet the conditions of your choice. Usually, business loans on the Profitus platform are financed within 48 hours. However, there are cases when financing for a business loan is mobilized in just a dozen minutes.

The automatic investment functionality allows you to invest continuously. Returned investments and interest from previous projects are reinvested as soon as a new investment proposal that meets the selected criteria appears. So you are assured that your investments generate constant income.

The auto investment loan criteria you choose can be edited and the strategy can be turned on or off at any time. You are in control of all automatic investment settings and can configure them precisely according to your needs. And every time you invest using the automatic investment function, you will be informed by a separate message, e-mail. by post

What is important to know before investing?

The minimum amount invested by automatic investment is EUR 100. And the maximum automatic investment is up to EUR 100,000.

The auto investment tool does not affect your own investments. It is important to note that if you invest in the same project through automatic investment and independently, the investments will not be added together.

Automatic investment settings: criteria and account, you can edit and disable/enable at any time. You can do this in your account by selecting the "Auto Invest" section.

When using automatic investment, in all staged financing projects, the maximum LTV of the entire financed business loan is used to determine the loan-to-value ratio (LTV).

If you receive the message "Automatic Investment - temporarily inactive", it means that there are insufficient funds in your account to be able to invest. The Auto-Invest function remains active but temporarily does not invest in new loans. Investments in new loans will be made after you top up your account or with the return of funds from previous projects you have financed.

Follow a few steps to get started with automatic investing

To get started, you must agree to the Auto Invest terms. Carefully read the terms of automatic investment and confirm it by ticking the box.
Choose the criteria you want: Determine the amount you want to invest in each project that meets your criteria; Choose which rating (risk level) projects you want to invest in automatically; Determine the maximum loan-to-mortgage value ratio (LTV); Determine the repayment period of the loans you want to finance; Specify the minimum annual interest rate. Auto-investing will not finance projects with lower annual interest rates than you specified.
Allow automatic withdrawal of funds. After this permission is granted and a new project appears in the system, the system will automatically invest according to the criteria you have chosen. The permission will be valid until the limit is reached or you decide to disable this permission yourself.
To activate your automatic investment strategy, press the "Activate" button. At the bottom, you'll see statistics on how many business loans that meet your criteria are being funded, the expected volume of eligible loans for the next month, and how much you're likely to invest for the next month.
If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected] or in the "messenger" chat window. Profitable investment moments!

Profitus Team,