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Profitus news August results

2023-09-15 13:30:00


August results

We want to share with you the results of August - during this month, the Profitus investor community financed 33 projects (business financing, real estate projects, refinancing, etc.) for more than 5.9 million euros, and we paid out as much as 276,904 euros to investors. interest.

This month we also launched a new Profitus referral program that will allow our investors to earn more by sharing their Profitus experience with their friends. For a successful referral, both the invited friend and you will receive bonuses. We have already noticed that this program is liked by our investors and actively used by both investors inviting their friends and invitees. The latter invest in their first projects after taking advantage of the bonus, so we are glad that the ranks of the Profitus community are growing and more and more people are interested in both investing and the crowdfunding platform. If you haven't had time to familiarize yourself with and use the referral program, you can do so here.

Another achievement for the entire Profitus team and the investor community - at the beginning of August, we started with the first project in Estonia "Savioja 5a, Tartu"! The opened new market will increase the choice of projects for investors, so it will be possible to further diversify (break up) your investments, having projects in your basket not only in Lithuania, Latvia and Spain, but already in Estonia!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the results of the month of August!


The month of June

The month of July

The month of August

Amount of money collected

3 546 759,70 Eur.

6 889 587,38 Eur.

5 920 568 Eur.

Number of focused projects




Interest paid

229 169 Eur.

256 748 Eur.

276 904 Eur.


We can notice that the average amount for financed projects is constantly increasing - although fewer individual projects are co-financed, the amount collected is increasing, which is determined by the growing interest of commercial and larger projects in our platform, so Profitus investors can increasingly choose which projects to invest in, which allows for diversification your investments. We are also happy that the amount of interest paid to investors is also increasing every month. In August, investors earned EUR 276,904, which is 7.85% more than last month. It is also pleasing that the size of investors' active investment portfolio is increasing - compared to last month, we observe an increase of 11.94%.


General statistics

The month of June

The month of July

The month of August

Amount of money collected

113 104 230 Eur.

121 940 730 Eur.

 125.16 M. Eur.

Active loan portfolio

36 717 290,47 Eur.

 36 845 517,00 Eur.

 46.34 M. Eur. 

Part of the loans was returned

70 033 980,00 Eur.

76 563 380,00 Eur.

78.82 M. Eur.

Percentage of overdue loans


1,78 %

1,82 % 



1,55 %

1,12 % 

Average loan yo value (LTV)




Projects financed on the platform




Our community

32 027 registruoti vartotojai

32 853 registruoti vartotojai

33 538 users

Amount of interest paid

6 272 004 Eur.

6 754 577 Eur.

7 077 408 Eur. 

Average interest

10,12 %

10,42 %

 10,34 %

Number of active investors

7 791

8 082


Average amount financed for the project

120 007,13 Eur.

123 797,70 Eur.

175 609 Eur.


We are happy with the results of August!

Thank you for being part of the Profitus community and we believe and strive for even better results next month!


Happy investing!

Profitus team


Investing always involves the risk of losing part or all of the investment. We recommend investing responsibly and diversifying your investments.

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