Real estate rental projects

Invest in business loans that are secured by real estate today! Come in and choose the best deal.

Invest in real estate rental projects

Funding raised in real estate rental projects is allocated to the purchase, development or reconstruction of real estate with the purpose of renting out the premises. Income is constantly generated from the rent, which covers the costs of the loan - i.e. interest is paid to investors.

Real estate loans investment opportunities

How to start investing?


Create an account.

Create your investor account on the PROFITUS platform. Specify your contacts and familiarize yourself with the rules of use. It will only take a few minutes!


Verify your identity.

Perform identity verification through the Ondato system. Top up your account and get ready to invest. You can start with just 100 euros.


Start investing.

Get acquainted with active investments, choose the most acceptable project for you and invest. You can do this with just one click. You can also invest using the automatic investment function!


Earn more money!

Once a quarter, the project owner will pay you interest, and at the end of the investment period - he will return the entire investment. You can reinvest the received amount and earn even more money!