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Profitus news Profit investors can sell investments in the secondary market

2021-10-21 10:30:00


Profit investors can sell investments in the secondary market

A secondary market has started on the crowdfunding platform Profitus. The functionality of the secondary market provides an opportunity to sell investments by transferring claim rights to other investors before the investment project is completed. Thus cashing out your investment portfolio ahead of time. It is also possible to purchase transferable claim rights of other investors (investments for sale).

The secondary market can be used by all users registered on the Profitus platform. Investors with active investments can use all the advantages of the secondary market without any additional steps. For those who have just registered and have not had time to invest, in order to acquire transferable claim rights of another investor (investment for sale), the following steps must be taken:

Verify your identity. Perform identity verification through the Ondat system (investing from major banks) or Paysera (investing from a Paysera account). Top up the account with the desired amount of money.
Complete the investor questionnaire. Each investor must complete an investor knowledge test to assess their investment knowledge and understanding of the risks involved.
Invest! Buy it! Sell it! Once a quarter, the project owner will pay you interest, and at the end of the investment period - he will return the entire investment. You can reinvest the received amount and earn even more money!

This is another successful technological step in the improvement of Profitus services. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the secondary market offers right now!