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„Profitus“ starts giving „Invega“ loans


Crowdfunding platform 'Profitus' signed a contract with 'Invega' to finance 'Aviete' project. 'Invega' deposit account will be up to EUR 10,000 for one loan, the total loan can be up to 40% of the whole loan received by a business. Smaller loans can be received within 24 hours. 

According to chief marketing executive, Monika Lencickaite, 'Invega' becomes like one of 'Profitus' investors. A separate account is created for 'Invega' where EUR 40,000 will be transferred and 'Profitus' experts will manage where the money will be invested. When the whole budget will be used utilized, the exact same amount will be transferred again to the account.

'Loans are intended to help small and medium businesses, including, and RE (except residential), and other types of projects. These loans are vastly helpful for smaller projects as, for example, businesses can receive loans up to 25,000 euros within 24 hours of submitting applications. It's possible as 10,000 euros would be from 'Invega' investment and the other part would be generated by our clients on the platform within a few minutes' - says 'Profitus' spokesman.

The contract with 'Invega' was signed as smaller loans were in demand and 'Invega' helps to spur the process.

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