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A record sum of money was raised in October on crowdfunding platform 'Profitus'


'Profitus' reached new records in October. 1,322 investors raised more than 3 million euros that financed 26 projects. On average one investor raised 2,300 euros in total, one investment was about 720 euros. Also, the interests paid back were record-high - 143,000 euros.

'Until now, the best result of a month was 2.8 m investment and 126 thousand interest. According to the results of October, RE market is active, we also can say, that people appreciate signals of accelerating inflation which wasn't as high for a long time and they rush to protect their wealth' - says 'Profitus' founder and director, Viktorija Cijunskyte.

Since the company started, Profitus investors crowdfunded more than 41 m euros and financed 297 projects. The platform already has 20,800 registered members and investors were repaid more than 1.87 million interest.

'Observing people's behaviour, we can see, that the average invested sum didn't change much, but the investors chose more objects to invest in. Such a tendency is seen for a few months now - to spread money across as many as possible RE projects. Investors assess it as a very safe way, following the rule of not keeping their eggs in one basket. This rule is very evident in the investment world' -  noticed V. Cijunskyte.

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