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As the interest is being lowered, competition will increase


As the interest lowers globally, this tendency will also be evident in Lithuania as well as will reveal more attractive opportunities to borrow for businesses. Especially from alternative borrowing sources.

'We notice, that recently the interest has also been lowered by crowdfunding platforms operating in Lithuania. It increases competition not only among crowdfunding businesses but also among unions which until now, traditionally, could suggest more appealing conditions. The latest projects financed by Profitus with record-low interest (6%; 7.5%) reveal that investors are prepared to borrow for lower interest but with low risk' - claims Profitus founder Viktorija Vanage.

As the interest in alternative lending is getting lower, the competition will increase with the usual investors and will better the conditions for borrowing for businesses as well as RE developers. The potentiality is present as well: in Lithuania, alternative lending makes only about 1%, while in Latvia and Estonia it reaches 5-6%.

'Lithuanian Bank strictly supervises the market and tolerates low risk. We also choose the path of low-risk tolerance, therefore, we can suggest reliable and secure projects for investors. Return known before-hand, safety in our market are extremely important' - declares Viktorija. 


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