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Profitus news Crowdfunding is used to help doctors

2020-04-06 07:30:00


Crowdfunding is used to help doctors

Taking into account the situation of the COVID-19 virus in the country, as well as requests for help from doctors, the crowdfunding platform Profitus joined the request of Go Vilnius and Vilnius municipality to help doctors and provide medical facilities with the necessary protective equipment. Funds for this purpose have been collected through the crowdfunding platform (profitus.lt).

The founder of Profitus, Viktorija Vanagė, says that it is possible to provide support to the treatment facilities of the Vilnius City Municipality for just EUR 5, and all transaction and money transfer fees will be covered by the platform itself, so all people's donations will be purposefully allocated to the purchase of medical protective equipment.

"We see the situation in the country and we see that doctors need help, so we started a partnership with Vilnius municipality, Go Vilnius. The capital city is currently facing the biggest challenge of COVID-19, so the purpose of this social support is to help Vilnius solve one of the most important issues at the moment: to provide the treatment facilities of Vilnius city municipality with the missing inventory and personal protective equipment needed in the fight against the COVID-19 virus. Everyone who contributed to the call for donations will contribute to solving this problem," says V. Vanagė.

The director of Go Vilnius, Inga Romanovskienė, also encourages you to join and is happy with the focus of business in such an important period for everyone.

"We are happy about the focus of business during this difficult period for everyone. Such initiatives are very important so that the necessary protective measures or necessary medical equipment reach the doctors as soon as possible", says the director of Go Vilnius.

The idea came from the team

The manager of Profitus says that the idea of gathering support through the platform came from the team members. For a Lithuanian startup, this is the first social support project on the platform. Until now, all the projects published on the platform were with the aim of getting a financial return on investment and mobilizing money for businesses

"The idea of social fundraising for medical support came from the Profitus team itself. After all, crowdfunding is not only a way to earn money, but also a great opportunity to unite and gather communities for social support. Crowdfunding first appeared as a way of support, and now with the Profitus platform, we can easily, quickly, and transparently contribute to the support of doctors on the front line fighting the virus with the help of technology," says V. Vanagė.

The founder of the crowdfunding platform, together with the Vilnius municipality, encourages everyone to join, not only ordinary people but also businesses and real estate developers. You can support from just 5 EUR. By working together, we can win the fight against this COVID-19 virus faster. It's time to unite!

More about support for doctors: www.profitus.en and on the Go Vilnius website.

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