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In 2021 'Profitus' gathered almost €24 m, this year plans to grow by 75%


Crowdfunding platform 'Profitus' gathered €24 m in 2021 to finance real estate - 2.1 times more compared to 2020. This year it is planned to collect €42 m.

In total 176 projects were financed - 1.85 times more compared to 2020, an average investment was €680.

'During the year we evaluated 293 projects that were worth more than €71 m euros. Therefore, we financed 1 of 3 projects. We keep the quality high and we look responsibly at the risk. Also, business looking for financing strated to evaluate its possibilities and projects' perspectives more carefully' - notices Viktorija Čijunskytė, the director of Profitus.

According to the director, this year it is planned to deliver a new product - crowdfunding for house rent.

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