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No signs that at the start of 2022 investment size in RE would change


According to investors' behaviour on crowdfunding platforms in the last months of 2021 and the start of this year, we can say, that the investment pace will be steady and will keep its pace at least for a few months of this year.

While at the end of 2020 we could call investors cautious, the last months of 2021 were distinctive - the total money volume invested was record-high, investment portfolios sky-rocketed and investors were willing to take on more risk.

The first days of 2022 were interesting as investors crowdfunded needed money with a quite low interest (5%-7%) very quickly. Meaning that, people were very active to make their money work for them, even after spending more during the festive period.

Even in the middle of 2021 you could sense that the year will be different. Investing acceleration was a little bit unexpected including for those who prognosed rapid growth. November became a record month regarding the total amount of money invested - investors crowdfunded more than €3 m. In December investments were lower, people were more likely to think about presents, travels. However, even this month was one of the most active when compared with the months of the last 2-3 years.

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