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Profitus investors can sell their investments in secondary market


A secondary market was introduced on the crowdfunding platform 'Profitus'. The functionality of the secondary market permits selling investments, giving all the rights of the investment to the buyer until the project is finished. Giving an opportunity to cash out a portfolio beforehand. Additionally, it is available to buy and obtain all rights of the investment sold by investors. 

All registered Profitus users can use the secondary market. Investors who have active investments can use all the benefits of the secondary market without any additional steps. Those who just registered and did not invest yet but wish to obtain the rights of another user (i.e. investments that are being sold), need to complete these steps:

  1. Confirm identity. Complete identity check through Ondato system (investing from the main banks) or Paysera (investing from Paysera account). Add needed money to your account.
  2. Complete investor's questionnaire. Every new user has to complete the questionnaire. Questionnaire helps to evaluate your investing knowledge and recognise possible risks.
  3. Invest! Buy! Sell! Once in a quarter, the project owner will pay you interest and at the end of the investment, you will be repaid your whole investment. You can invest again your received money and earn more money!

It is one more successful technological step in 'Profitus' service development. We encourage you to look at the secondary market's deals right now!

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