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PROFITUS has crowdfunded the first project in Latvia


Profitus took the first step in the market of Latvia and started by concentrating EUR 25 000 funding for the "Poilsio namai „Mezlici“ project. The amount of the project was crowdfunded in 15 minutes.

"It simply came to our notice - during the three years of operation, we have developed the trust of investors in Lithuania, and we also have regular investors from abroad. We see that we can apply our experience gained in Lithuania perfectly in Latvia as well. A great start in the foreign market" - Viktorija Cijunskyte, the founder and CEO of Profitus, is optimistic about the results of the project.

Foreign investors accounted for more than 5% of P2P platform Profitus. of all investors, has already mobilized over EUR 1 million. Until now, all real estate projects financed through Profitus have been located in Lithuania.

"Observing the behaviour and needs of investors, we realized that it is time to move forward and look for development opportunities in the region. And this means not only more investment opportunities for the existing customers of the platform but also the attraction of new investors from abroad” says V. Cijunskyte.

The Profitus platform currently has more than 20 000 registered members. In 3 years, they have already crowdfunded more than 37 million euros, and Profitus investors earned 1,6 million euros of interest. During the first half of this year, Lithuanian residents and companies have already invested 10,2 million euros in real estate projects through Profitus. Compared to the beginning of 2020, more than doubled investment, crowdfunding almost 4 million in the same period last year. euros.

"We appreciate the successful results and are constantly looking for ways to provide more investment opportunities for investors on better terms. Like financing for a business that chooses us as a reliable financial partner” says V. Cijunskyte, CEO of Profitus.

The credibility of the platform is ensured not only by experience but also by the new EU crowdfunding directive: in November last year, the requirements for P2P platforms were harmonized throughout the Community. An international regulation also helps to ensure the security of human investment.


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