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Behind the scenes of real estate investing


The fundraising platform Profitus celebrated its third birthday on August 8th. On that occasion, Viktorija Cijunskyte, the founder and CEO of Profitus, shared a detailed interview about the history of the platform and plans for the near future.

"The Profitus platform started with the fact that we did not finance the apartments, but the real estate developers and their projects. We immediately planned that it would be a separate business” says V.Cijunskyte.

In the beginning, no one knew about crowdfunding, people just didn’t understand what it was. There has been a lot of work done in education over those three years to make people know what it is. And learned.

"As soon as we started, we had two big projects worth more than a million euros, and we had no investors. I had to work a lot, I had a lot of meetings with potential investors, rich people of Lithuania” the founder and manager of the platform, shares her experience.

The main things in projects that get the most attention from investors are higher ratings, higher interest rates and shorter maturities. The longer the deadline, the harder it is to collect the required amount. Lower-rated projects are also raised fairly quickly, as lower-rated projects tend to have higher interest rates.

The platform has a very high level of loyalty, which is calculated every month. 76% of investors invested more than once, 50% of investors invested more than 4 times.

"After 3 years, we should have financed 500 million euros, we would have about 100 thousand investors and we would operate in 8-9 countries. We do not plan to expand the number of employees much - our goal is to automate everything as much as possible. Well, with such results, the team would probably double” - Profits leader Viktorija Cijunskyte shares future plans.

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