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Automatic investment was introduced


From now investors on 'Profitus' platform can also invest automatically in real estate projects. Automatic investment - functionality that gives investors the opportunity to pick criteria beforehand and invest their own money automatically into objects that fit all the chosen criteria. Criteria is chosen by the user, choosing the most appealing investing conditions.


Why is it beneficial to use automatic investment?


The main principles of auto investing are comfort and speed. As the investor community is growing, this functionality secures that you will be able to invest in all the projects that fit your criteria. Usually, business loans are crowdfunded within 48 hours on Profitus platform, however, sometimes the loans can be financed in a few minutes.

The functionality of automatic investment gives an opportunity to invest constantly. Repaid investments of the previous projects, as well as interests, are invested straight away when the new project that fits the criteria shows up. Therefore, you are assured that your invested money constantly generates revenue.

Your chosen automatic investment criteria can be edited, the strategy can be turned off and on at any time. You can control all the settings of automatic investment and you can configure them according to your needs. Moreover, every time when investing with this function, you will be informed by a separate email.


What is important to know before investing?


The minimum amount when investing automatically is 100 eur. It is possible to invest up to 100 000 eur per one investment.

Auto investment tool does not impact your individually made investments. It is important, that when investing in the same project automatically and manually - investments are not added up.

Automatic investment settings (criteria and bill) can be edited and turned off / on at any time. You can do it through your personal account, in 'Automatic Investment'.

When using automatic investment on all the projects with stage financing, to determine the ratio of loan to the value (LTV), the maximum LTV of the full loan is used. 

If you receive a message 'automatic investment - temporary inactive', it means that there is not sufficient money in your account to be able to make an automatic investment. The function stays active, however, it stops investing in new projects. The investment will commence when the account will have sufficient funds, either if you add more money or if interest is repaid from investments made before.


If you wish to use Automatic Investment, complete a few steps 


  1. If you wish to start, you have to agree to automatic investment terms and conditions. Read carefully automatic investment terms and confirm them by clicking the checkbox.
  2. Pick desired criteria: choose how much money you would like to invest in every project that fits your criteria; choose the rating (risk level); set the maximum ratio of loan and mortgage (LTV); set the length of loans that you wish to invest in; pick the minimal interest rate. The automatic investment will not finance projects that have lower interest than you have set.
  3. Give permission for automatic payments. After the permission is given and the project that fits your criteria appears in the system, the system, according to your criteria, will invest automatically. The permission will be valid until the limit will be reached or you will turn off this permission manually.
  4. If you wish to activate your created automatic investment strategy, click 'activate'. At the bottom of the page you will see statistics on how many loans that fit your criteria are usually financed, what is the predicted loan value that fit your criteria for the next month and how much it is expected to invest in the upcoming month. 

If you have any questions, contact us by email [email protected] or on the conversation window 'messenger'. We wish you successful investing!


Profitus team,


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