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Investing in real estate: why are women less likely to invest?


According to the crowdfunding platform Profitus, three times more men than women invest in real estate. Although interest in investing is more even - 45% of women and 55% of men. The data is presented by analyzing the behaviour of nearly 16 000 Profitus customers and those interested in the platform's website.

"Of the people who register on our platform (over 15 800) 28% are women and 72% are men. When it comes to making an investment decision, the percentage of men rises up to 75% ” says Monika Lencickaite, Marketing Manager at Profitus.

The gap between women and men is widening. Women already contribute with EUR 3,5 million, and men contribute EUR 20 million. The average portfolio of women is EUR 7 300, and the number for men is twice as high (EUR 13 600). Such statistics may be because women are less inclined to take risks and more often take care of so-called short-term savings - for holidays, studies, larger purchases.

"Nor can we ignore the fact that in Lithuania, unfortunately, women earn less and have fewer opportunities to raise capital for investment. And living in a couple, they often leave their investment decisions to men” says M. Lencickaite, Profitus Marketing Manager.

However, the situation is gradually improving as investing through crowdfunding platforms is convenient in that there is no need to have significant savings. The minimum amount that can be invested is 100 euros.

"We are seeing a slight increase in the number of women. Of course, quite slowly, but still - growing. We believe that every year there will be more and more women investing and the relationship with investing men will level off” says M. Lencickaite

Similar tendencies prevail in other countries, not only in Lithuania. The average number of women investing is also no more than 30%, with only 8% of business angels investing in start-ups.

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