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First RE project with 5.5% was financed on the crowdfunding platform


New investment project lofts 'K125' in Vilnius was financed on crowdfunding platform 'Profitus' with the lowest interest of 5.5% of this day. It was the first project financed with such conditions on Lithuania's crowdfunding platforms.

'Profitus proposed interest for investors depending on the investment size. For those who invested from 100 up to 999 euros, the owner of the lofts will pay 5.5% interest, and for those who invested over 1000 euros - 6.5% interest. The project with low interest was quickly financed due to the trust of investors and positive experience using 'Profitus'. The platform suggests loans that are secured by RE pledging with a primary mortgage, therefore, this is a safe investment' - says the chief risk officer of Profitus, Tomas Paliulis.

The business loan of 42 400 euros for RE development was crowdfunded just in 4 days. 110 investors crowdfunded money for the refurbishment of 29 residential lofts.

'Crowdfunding platforms have already become the second choice for businesses when looking for financing for the development of real estate projects or business development. Such good conditions could have been proposed due to our common efforts. Last year we were more attractive for businesses than credit unions' - noticed T. Paliulis.

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