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Profitus news Investing in real estate: why do women invest less often?

2021-03-22 08:00:00


Investing in real estate: why do women invest less often?

According to the crowdfunding platform Profitus, three times more men invest in real estate than women. Although the interest in investing is more even - 45 percent of women and 55 percent of men. The data comes from analyzing the behavior of nearly 16 thousand Profitus customers and those who are interested in the platform's website.

"If we take the people registered on our platform (over 15,800), almost a third are women (28 percent), and 72 percent are male. - men. When it is necessary to make a decision to invest, the percentage of men increases to 75%", - the statistics are provided by the marketing manager of Profitus, Monika Lenčickaitė.

When looking at how much women and men invest, the gap increases even more - women have already given 3.5 million. EUR, men - 20 million. The average portfolio for women is 7,300 euros, for men it is twice as large (13,600 euros). Such statistics can be determined by the fact that women are less inclined to take risks and more often take care of so-called short-term savings - for vacations, studies, and larger purchases.

"Also, we cannot ignore the fact that women in Lithuania, unfortunately, earn less and have fewer opportunities to accumulate capital for investment. And when they live as a couple, investment decisions are more often left to men", - thinks Profitus marketing manager M. Lenčickaitė

However, the situation is improving little by little, because investing through crowdfunding platforms is convenient in that you do not need to have large savings. The minimum amount that can be invested is 100 euros. "We see that the number of women is also growing a little. Of course, rather slowly, but still - growing. We believe that every year there will be more and more investing women and the relationship with investing men will equalize", says M. Lenčickaitė.

Similar trends prevail in other countries, not only in Lithuania. The average number of women investors also does not exceed 30 percent, and among business angels investing in start-ups, women make up only 8 percent.