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Founder and director 

Being nearly ten years in real estate and investment management, Viktorija believes that PROFITUS is something that can change the approach to investing in real estate. “Investing gives us freedom, so we have developed a platform that will be accessible to everyone”.

Kastytis Žuromskas

Sales manager 

An active and versatile experience in B2B, B2C, in the major real estate market, franchise sales and being in close relationships with real estate agents around the world will enable Kastytis to offer the most relevant products to investors.

Aurimas Satkūnas

Sales manager 

8 years of experience in real estate development and sales will allow us to look at each situation creatively and flexibly and find the most appropriate solution.

Vaida Šablinskienė

Pardavimų projektų vadovė 

15 metų pardavimų srityje, iš kurių 6- konkrečiai NT projektų bei antrinės rinkos konsultavime ir pardavime. Patirtis, pažinčių ratas ir nuolatinis noras tobulėti leidžia Vaidai siekti maksimalių bei ambicingų rezultatų. Tikslas – kokybiškas ir greitas rezultatas su šypsena!

Tomas Paliulis

Financial analyst 

The accumulated seven years experience in the financial sector, covering both the major banks operating in Lithuania and the leaders of alternative financing in Baltics, allows Tomas to see the risks and opportunities in various business areas.

Real Estate Analyst

Nekilnojamo turto analitikė 

Vytautas Urbonas

Chief communications officer 

According to Vytautas, in communication, there is just one thing more important than what we say – how we are understood. So his experience and knowledge help us not only to be heard but also to be understood.

Monika Lenčickaitė

Marketing project coordinator 

Monika’s experience in B2B, B2C events management provides an opportunity to be seen and heard at both Lithuanian and international conferences. She believes that the first impression is especially influential and that we have a boundless opportunities to create it.

Renata Medekšienė




Violeta's long-term experience in investing and accounting for financial instruments will ensure high-quality, legally-based work.

Monika Pečiulytė

Office administrator 

Monika’s empathy and customer service experience will allow finding all the answers to all the questions.

Audrius Grinys

Chief Technology Officer 

Long-term Audrius experience in IT helps develop our Profitus platform.


Project manager 

The fresh knowledge of the responsible Bianka provides an opportunity not only to apply them in practice, but also to constantly plan, organise and take care that everything is done in a timely and qualitative manner.

Edmundas Bagušauskas


Edmund's interest in the latest inovations and experience in software development for the banking and public sector will help to improve our platform.

Dmitrijus Časovnikovas


Lukas Šitkauskas


Mateo Lamnije

Finansų analitikos praktikantas 

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Algirdas Zakarauskas


Rokas Lukošius


Board members


Founder and Chair of the Board 


Member of Board 


Member of Board 

Up-and-doing Mindaugas’s seven-year experience in real estate development business and continuous observation of real estate tendencies not only in Lithuania but also worldwide allow him to consult Profitus’s team on real estate and business issues.

Take a look at PROFITUS

PROFITUS is real estate investment platform. We change the approach to investing in real estate.

From now on, you can invest in real estate from EUR 100. Moreover, borrowing money for your real estate project is much faster and easier than applying to the bank. We bring together people who want to invest in real estate and people on the other side – those who are looking for money to implement their real estate idea.

The idea of PROFITUS developed slowly. When working with real estate buyers and sellers and developing real estate projects, more and more people were asking about the possibility of investing their money in real estate. And we have in mind not necessarily large sums of money. To keep money in banks is not a solution because nowadays banks do not pay interest, and investment in shares, with no specific knowledge of this area, is very risky. Yet, real estate is a tangible thing, it protects your money from inflations – in short, real estate is a solution you were looking for. And one more thing – imagine, your real estate constantly generates additional income. Nothing can be better! However, to be able to buy an apartment or commercial premises, renting them and getting passive income requires a substantial initial contribution. So, what to do? Here the idea of PROFITUS was born – to unite people and give them the opportunity to invest small amounts of money in real estate, to become partners in real estate projects, or to implement their own real estate projects.

At present, due to the Monetary Promotion Policy of Central Banks, the market has accumulated a large amount of savings: in banks, stocks, unworthy deposits. So it’s no surprise that a person who cares about his future understands that money must works – generate cash flow for the future. Such person wants to make profitable and secure investments. PROFITUS provides such people with the possibility of investing money in real estate and obtaining additional income. Our platform changes the rules of the real estate market.

Real estate is considered one of the safest investments, which is: – Inflation-resistant – Creates additional income – Tangible, it is a physical object! PROFITUS collects money from investors and then funds a real estate project. To be truly secure – the investment is protected by the pledged assets of the project owner. And all this can be done ONLINE! No need to leave your home – what is happening with this world? :)

Join us and together we will change the approach to investing in real estate!