Check out the price of the services!

Service typesService        Fee
Account creation 0 €
Account administration 0 €
Opening of Paysera account 0 €
Investor Fee 0 €
Conclusion/administration of contract 0 €
Automatic transfer fee 0 €
Application administration and evaluation 0 €
Platform fee1 (one-off) 2,5%
Contract administration fee(monthly) 

0.07-0.09% per month

Mortgage administration and custody (one-off fee) 350 €
Granting of a permit to sell, re-pledge property (per transaction)
 150 €

Notary fee*

*According to approved notary fees
 0,2%-0,3% of the value of item (not less than 14,48 Eur but not more than 144,81 Eur)
Automatic transfer fee3 0,15 €
Early repayment fee
No less than interest on the repaid amount of additional 2 months4
 Discontinuation fee5 Interest on the amount financed of 3 months, as well as the brokerage fee and the Contract administration fee


Default interest6 0,05% per day
Late interest 20% annual interest rate
Property realisation fee7 5%
Recovery procedure8 5%


1 calculated from the amount collected
2 monthly fee for the entire loan period (irrespective of whether the loan is repaid early), which must be paid in full at once; if the loan is not repaid on time, this fee is calculated until the final repayment of the loan 
3 fee calculated for each payment of the amount invested by Investor to the Account, payment of the amount financed to the Project Owner, repayment of Project Owner’s contributions and interest to the account, also, in certain cases, the payment of a deposit/interest to the investors from the account
4 exact amount is sepified in the Proposal and/or the Financing Transaction

5 paid in cases where the Project has already been published on the Platform and the process of collecting funding has been started
6 default interests are  not calculated for days when payments should have been made and for payment days
7 calculated from the value of the realized asset (Profitus-owned commission fee attached to the debt to be recovered and deducted from the amount repaid to the investor)
8 calculated from the amount of the debt to be recovered (attached to the debt to be recovered and deducted from the amount repaid to the investor)