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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the secondary market?

The secondary market is a functionality that allows investors to sell all of their active and overdue investments until the investment project is completed. In order to sell out the investment portfolio ahead of time, the secondary market can be used by all previous investors through the Profitus platform. Investments can be purchased by all registered and authenticated Profitus users.

2. How is the return on investment divided between the buyer and the seller?

After the sale / acquisition of the investment, all rights, newly made interest payments or returns on the investment are paid to the buyer.

3. Can I sell my investment on the secondary market?

You can sell all active and overdue investments on the secondary market. If you bought the investment in the primary market, it will only be possible to sell it after the mortgage agreement has been signed. You can also sell investments acquired in the secondary market once the acquisition process has been successfully completed.

4. Can I cancel an investment after posting it for sale?

Yes, cancellation of a sold investment is possible if the investment has not yet been sold and the funds have not been reserved in the buyer's account. You can do this by clicking on the cancel button - in the general secondary market offers window or by clicking on the "sell investments" button in the "My investments for sale" list. Please note that the offer will be automatically canceled after 30 days if no one buys the investment during this period. Also, the offer to sell the investment is automatically withdrawn if the project owner has made a return on the investment or interest.

5. How to use the secondary market?

The seller can choose the price of the investment to be sold, including the remaining part of the outstanding investment and the interest receivable. All investments of one investor in one project or its stage are sold separately, not combined. Investments are sold along with additional bonuses.

6. What platform fees apply when using the secondary market?

There are no platform fees for the buyer. The seller will be charged 2% of the final sale price.

7. When will I receive the money for the sold investment?

Upon successful sale of the investment, the earnings are paid to the seller within 3 days, after deducting the secondary market usage fee - 2%.