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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the Recommendation programme?

The Recommendation programme provides current Profitus investors an opportunity to share their experience and earn more by inviting friends to join. The person making a successful recommendation will receive a bonus, and the person using the recommendation will receive a bonus for the first investment.

2. How does the Recommendation programme work?

The recommendation program gives you a bonus of up to 1% on the annual interest rate for a project in which you invest. The bonus is also awarded to the invited friend (for the first investment) and to an existing investor for each friend that is invited and makes an investment. The bonus is valid for the entire investment period and is paid with the interest for the project in which you have invested. The amount of the bonus paid is 1% of earnings and may not exceed 300 euro per investment.

3. How can I invite friends?

Friends can be invited by joining Profitus self-service. Invitations are sent by entering the email address of the friend being invited or by sending a friend a unique URL invitation link. A Profitus friend must register on the platform using the link provided by the investor.

4. When will I receive a bonus for invited friends?

The bonus is given when the project is funded, that in which your invited friend invested.

5. How to use the bonus received?

The additional percentage is automatically assigned to another investment you have made. No further action is required. The bonus is valid for 3 calendar months, from the date of full funding of the project in which your invited friend invested. The bonus is given for one invited friend and is applicable only to one investment.

6. Why did I not receive a bonus?

If your invited friend already has profiles registered on the Profitus platform or registers without using the link received, we cannot verify and confirm that the person in question is your invited friend.