While you rest Your money works and earns more!
We give + 1% for the first investment!

Conditions for granting and validity of the Summer bonus:

The prize is awarded to the consumer’s first investment, which is made in 2021 June 1 - 2021 June 20 period.

An additional 1% is added to the project in which you are investing at an annual interest rate and is valid for the entire investment period.

If the consumer has a referral program bonus, the extra interest does not add up when investing. The Summer bonus will be applied first.

In cases where the Loan Agreement is terminated earlier, the Remuneration shall be paid before the date of termination of the Loan Agreement. If the Project Owner is late in repaying the loan amount, the Remuneration shall be paid by the end date of the agreement provided for in the Loan Agreement. When the project owner initiates insolvency proceedings, the Remuneration is calculated and paid before the effective date of the order to open insolvency proceedings.

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